Offroad Riding Facility at Glenmaggie

Tim Coleman was born and bred in Glenmaggie with almost 1000 acres of private land, absolutely magnificent motorcycle country, everything to offer for an off road rider. This includes hills, rocky outcrops to creeks.  Being such an awesome location for off-road riders, it has held the traditional Glenmaggie Easter trial since 1962.

A family property that has been operating for over a 100 years, the farm has been through some Intense bushfires turning the property into what looked like a war zone.   Riders such as Shane Watts a World Enduro champion enduro rider has held off-road schools at our property and was really impressed with all the different types of riding available ''so much variety on the colemans property it really is unreal" says Watts.

Situated approx  213km north east from Melbourne CBD, just less than 3 hours to drive to the most picturesque riding locations in the county backing onto the great divide range. We have a great camping spot available, so if you want a riding weekend getaway we have plenty of space for you to set up your equipment and enjoy the open space. 

If camping is not your style we can offer you accommodation on the property or the nearby small timber town of Heyfield is a 15 min drive which offers pubs, shops and accommodation.


More pictures of Glenmaggie